MTO SHOCK CRIME: Angry WHITE SHOOTER . . . Shoots EVERYONE At A Football Party . . . After Argument Over 'COLIN KAEPERNICK Protests'!!! (9 People Are DEAD)


A BLOODBATH occurred inside a TEXAS residence - as a group of people gathered to watch a FOOTBALL GAME.

The Plano Police Department were called to the home for reports of shots fired shortly after 8 p.m. local time. A responding officer confronted the suspect upon arrival, shooting and killing him.

Two other victims were transported to the hospital. All of those killed and injured are believed to be adults.

The shooting occurred during a Dallas Cowboys watch party. An eyewitness stated that she heard as many as 40 gunshots coming from the home.

According to reports, the gunman was described as "White" and the argument may have started over disagreeing opinions on the COLIN KAEPERNICK protest.

Here are two of the people killed: Spencer Hight and his ex-wife Meredith Hight

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Here are the men that were killed:

Tony Cross

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Darryl William Hawkins

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