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PICS: Female Rapper IGGY AZALEA Appears To Have REMOVED A RIB Also . . . Look How TINY Her WAIST Is . . . Compared To The REST OF HER!!!

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Word on the curb is that Iggy had ANOTHER surgery - removing MORE of her waist - and adding MORE to her butt and thighs. Did she finally go too far??

Here's Iggy:

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Iggy's BUTT may be bigger, but she's taking a hit on her finances. The house that she and ex-fiance Nick Young had in Los Angeles - a six-bedroom home that once belonged to Selena Gomez, ha been sold at a loss of The home Iggy Azalea shared with ex-fiancé Nick Young has finally sold at a loss of almost $200K.

Iggy dumped Nick 'cause he was cheating on her.