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CRAZY VIDEO: Surveillance Video Captures An Airplane CRASH . . . Into A PARKED CAR . . . With MULTIPLE Fatalities!! (RIP)


A surveillance camera at Ace Hardware store captured a small plane crashing into an employee's car Thursday near Hobby Airport. See below:

All three people on board the Cirrus single-engine plane were killed. Luckily no one on the ground was injured.

According to federal investigators, the plane was in a flat spin when it fell nose-first out of the sky.

Dana Gray was piloting the plane. Her husband Tony and his brother Jerry were the passengers. They were heading to Houston from Norman, Oklahoma to visit the brothers' father. He is a patient at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Audio from the Air Traffic Control tower indicates Dana Gray was trying to land between two 737s when she became confused.

It's to early to tell whether it was a mechanical of pilot error that caused the crash.