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Instagram 'Black' Ghetto Girl WOAH VICKY Is A FRAUD . . . She's A RICH WHITE GIRL . . . And We Got Pics Of BOTH Her Parents!!!

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If you thought there was something UNBELIEVABLE about Instagram star Woah Vicky - well you were right. Woah Vicky is known for talking "ghetto" and claiming to be "Black" despite having blonde hair and blue yes.

Well it turns out she's a FRAUD. the website just found out about all her business. Here's what they are reporting:

[WoahVicky's father appears to own] a Marietta-based homebuilding company called Marvin Waldrip Realty - Homes by Steve Waldrip. . . A search for 'Steve Waldrip' on Facebook led us to one of his personal pages.

Looking through his page, we found the two images above. Not only is there a striking resemblance between Steve Waldrip's daughter and WoahhVicky, but her name is Victoria too.

If that was not already enough to confirm our suspicions, we found Victoria's real profile [and] she left on one of the photos on her father's page.

So, who is Steve Waldrip? According to the biography on his company's website, he's a successful home building entrepreneur who founded his business in 1986, following in the footsteps of his father, Marvin Waldrip, who also owns his own homebuilding business. Coming from this type of background, it is extremely unlikely that Vicky knows what living in poverty feels like.

This is a photo of Vicky's mom. Neither her mom or her dad look half-Black, so the alleged 'Black' ancestry ought to be considered a lie

Here are some pics of her and her family:

Here's Vicky and her dad at the beach
Here's Vicky's mom

And here's what she's been saying on Facebook:

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