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CHILD Rapper Lil Poopy's Father Was ARRESTED . . . Feds Claim He's A MAJOR DRUG KINGPIN . . . Dude's Facing DOUBLE LIFE!!!


The father of Boston child rapper and reality show star Lil Poopy was arrested during a federal gang and drug raid that took place on Thursday, according to authorities.

The raid, which was conducted by federal officials, netted dozens of people from the Boston. The suspects were charged with federal and state firearm and drug charges and federal RICO conspiracy charges related to an attempted murder.

Lil Poopy's father, Luis Rivera - or "Fat Louie" - was included on a list of 50 people who were arrested and charged in federal courts. The 33-year-old Fat Louie is accused of being a part of a network of numerous leaders, members and associates of the 18th Street Gang, the East Side Money Gang and the Boylston Gang, the Enterprise reported.

Fat Louie was charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and crack. He was indicted after evidence was shown to the grand jury that he was in possession of 280 grams or more "of a mixture and substance containing a detectable amount of cocaine base," according to the indictment.