MTO SHOCKER: Popular R&B Artist Just CAME OUT THE CLOSET . . . Speculation Is . . . That He's Frank Ocean's LONG-TERM BOYFRIEND!!!


There are a bunch of rumors floating around surrounding Frank Ocean's dating life - here's the latest rumor. Over the past week, R&B artist Steve Lacy has come out the closet as BISEXUAL.

Steve is part of the group THE INTERNET, and word on the curb is that he is Frank's man.

Here's some info on him:

-He's 19 years old.

-An American guitarist, bassist, producer, singer-songwriter and audio engineer. He was born in Compton, California, and gained recognition as a member of the Grammy-nominated R&B group, The Internet, in 2015.

- In February 2017, Lacy released his debut project, a "song-series" titled Steve Lacy's Demo.

-Steve got his start by producing beats on his iPhone, making his first songs on the device, using a plug-in piece for his guitar, called an iRig.

-Produced PRIDE. for Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. album.

Here's a link to Steve's Tumblr page - where he admits that he dates men