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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Blac Chyna And Amber Rose Are BEEFING . . . And It Looks Like CHYNA Took The FIRST SHOT At Amber!!! (Now Even MORE DRAMA)

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    Original: is hearing whispers that CHYNA and Amber Rose got beef. When Chyna was being SLUT SHAMED by Rob Kardashian - Amber was noticeably QUIET over it all.

We're told that the two ladies are "not speaking" right now. Amber allegedly DISAPPROVES with what Chyna was doing to Rob Kardashian. One insider told, "Amber is not trying to be as openly scandalous as Chyna. Don't get me wrong, she's a hustler too - but she doesn't like how sloppy Chyna has been. She makes all the [former strippers] look bad."

But Chyna ain't apologizing for her actions - in fact, she just gave Amber the MIDDLE FINGER - with her latest move.

Here's what the website Rhymes With Snitch is saying:

Earlier this year Ace of Diamonds strip club in LA filed a lawsuit against former stripper Amber Rose after she trademarked their club name and tried to steal their business in a messy scheme gone wrong.

This week Blac Chyna posted a flyer on Instagram promoting her club appearance at the "REAL" Ace of Diamonds, which kind of explains why noted slut rights advocate Amber Rose was uncharacteristically quiet while Rob Kardashian slut shamed Blac Chyna for having multiple lovers.

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