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SHOCK VIDEO: Brazilian BEAUTY Bumps Into HITMAN . . . Immediately Before He KILLS HIS TARGET . . . Yikes That Was CLOSE!!

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A Brazilian bar owner is dead and a beautiful woman is traumatized after a brutal contract HIT was carried out. The deceased is named Xico Canuto, the owner of the Bicho Papão Bar.

Security cameras captured the exact moment that the assassin arrived and shot Xico Canuto.

The incident happened at dawn on Monday, July 3, 2017. Remarkably, a woman patronizing the bar bumped into the assassin just as he was pulling the weapon out to shoot his TARGET.

According to Xico Canuto’s brother, traffickers operating across the street from Bicho Papão Bar have disliked his brother for a while, because he wouldn’t allow for his business to be used for drug deals.

Xico Canuto was shot three times in the head and died on the spot.