Christian Tourist Gets KNOCKED INTO A COMA . . . By Gang Of STREET GOONS . . . In New Orleans . . . And We Have The GRAPHIC VIDEO!! (Pray For Him)


On June 24, James Curran and Tim Byrne from Boston, Massachusetts, were walking the streets of New Orleans. The men were in town to attend the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association - a Christian conference.

As the two men walked back to their hotel they were attacked by a group of men - and what happened next was TERRIFYING.

Both James and Tim are sucker punched and robbed, but Tim hits the ground face first and is knocked out, as he lay in a pool of blood. According to local reports, he is in a coma and his condition is serious.

One suspect – 21-year-old Dejuan Paul, is under arrest. The police say they have identified the remaining attackers and are actively trying to apprehend them.