Instagram Model 'CHANGES HER RACE . . . From White To BLACK' . . . When She Starts Dating A BLACK GUY . . . She Was A BLONDE . . . Now She's A SISTA!!!


Instagram model Jaiden Gun used to be the typical Blonde Eastern European model . . . but all that's changed.

You see once the Washington D.C. blondie started dating her African-American man . . . she started to make some "changes" to her appearance.

Folks online are now saying that it now almost looks like she "changed her race." Obviously it's NOT POSSIBLE to change your race - but her physical appearance is so different, she looks like she went from Caucasian to Black.

Here's what she used to look like:

Here's Jaiden and her African American boyfriend:

This was her as a kid:

Here she is now after tanning and getting her hair done at "Black" salons: