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BREAKING NEWS: Rapper 50 Cent Reveals JUST HOW MUCH He Paid His Babys Mother Shaniqua . . . In CHILD SUPPORT Over The Years!! (Is It TOO MUCH . . . Or TOO LITTLE??)

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Rapper 50 Cent just released the EXACT DOLLAR AMOUNT that he paid his baby's mother Shaniqua in child support for their son Marquise. According to the rapper, he's almost done paying - just three months to go.

Dang no wonder 50's so upset ... he paid that woman OVER A MILLION DOLLARS for one child. And she got the nerve to be UPSET WITH HIM???

Marquise Jackson is Fiddy's 19-year-old son. The two have had less than an admirable relationship. 50 was a no-show at Marquise's graduation. Marquise recently released a diss track about his father.