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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: FATHER-MOGUL Lavar Ball Just BLEW UP Nike . . . Under Armour . . . And Adidas . . . Sold $2.5 MILLION Of Sneakers In 4 HOURS!!!

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African-American entrepreneur Lavar Ball is on the verge of becoming a SNEAKER MOGUL. Yesterday he did what many is business thought was UNTHINKABLE.

Last week, Adidas, Nike and Under Armour all refused to give Lavar's son TOP PICK Lonzo Ball a sneaker deal, because Lavar insisted that any deal would have to be a "partnership" with the family's Big Baller Brand. When the news dropped, the Ball family decided to take things independent - and boy did it work.

Yesterday Lavar announced that he would begin selling the new BBB sneakers - for $495 a pair. The price sounded high at the time, but Sneaker Heads ATE IT UP.

After less than four hours, Lavar sold close to 5,000 pairs of SNEAKERS. That's more than $2.5 million in sales in just a few hours. Here's the proof - look at the "order number."

For those interested, here are the pics: