SHOCK VIDEO: Rapper Foxy Brown Gets BOOED OUT THE CLUB . . . Fans RAN UP TO HER . . . And Yelled 'BOOOOOO' Up In Her Face!! (CRAZY VIDEO)


Foxy Brown was booked for a Philly pride event hosted by promoter Flashman Wade, but things went horribly awry. Why? Cause Foxy arrived THREE HOURS late and refused to perform.

Here's what Twitter said about her appearance:

"Foxy Brown ended up being called out by the organizer of a black gay pride event. They accused Foxy Brown of showing up late, not performing, only sitting in the corner while a hype person played and being booed off stage."

The crowd was VICIOUS - booing the hell out of Foxy for HOURS until she finally left.

Here's a small portion of her being booed and them yelling 'Remy Ma!' lol.