MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Youtube Sensation With ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS . . . Is Caught On Tape . . . Allegedly BEATING His Pregnant Girlfriend!! (Shock Video)


The comedy group Dormtainment has more than a MILLION SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube. But now the group's leader, Duante Dier (or "Taye"), is coming under fire. You see, Taye's ex-girlfriend is claiming that he beat her while she was pregnant.

And the young woman has RECEIPTS. Here is audio which she claims is of Taye BEATING her.

Here are more receipts she provided. First a domestic abuse report and an Emergency Protective order which proves she called the police on dude:

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Next some text messages between the couple:

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Wow, we are FANS of Dormtainment. So we hope that Taye clears this up - and tells us that it ain't true.

Here is one of Dormtainment's videos: