WORST CRIME EVER!! African Man Charged With DISMEMBERING His Own 6-Year-Old SON . . . To Use His Body Parts . . . For BLACK MAGIC CEREMONY!! (Shock PICS)


A 31-year-old farmer from the African nation of Ghana is being charged with an UNTHINKABLE crime. Abdul Salam is alleged to have decapitated and dismembered his 6-year-old son - in order to use his body parts in a black magic ritual.

The man was arrested near Amanso Amenfi, Wassa Amenfi District in Ghana on April 25.

Abdul, a farmer, reportedly intended to send the head and the legs to a spiritualist who would perform a ritual to help him get more money.

The local Ghanaian press released some AWFUL images from the crime scene, including the father carrying his son's HEAD and FOOT. For purposes of decency, we did not publish those images.