22 Yr Old Rapper Has HEART ATTACK . . . Messing With These NEW AGE DRUGS!!! (Lil Peep's BFF)

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A popular 22 year old rapper Lil Tracy suffered a major heart attack. Lil Tracy was a longtime friend of deceased rapper Lil Peep. The two rappers were both known for their rampant drug use.

But while the drugs KILLED Lil Peep - his partner Lil Tracy got a new lease on life.

Lil Tracy's real name is Jazz Ishmael Butler - he also goes by the name Tracy Minaj or just Tracy. He's a talented rapper, singer and songwriter. He is best known for his collaborations with the late rapper Lil Peep. The two collaborated on the hit song  "Awful Things" which peaked at 79 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Lil Tracy is recovering in a hospital in Los Angeles. We wish him a speedy recovery.

According to reports Lil Tracy started to make music when he was 15 before moving to Los Angeles, California (without alerting his parents) to focus more on his music career and due to being homeless. Butler originally started rapping under the name "Yung Bruh", releasing several mixtapes under the Thraxxhouse collective. Butler eventually joined the collective Gothboiclique. Through the group, Butler met New York rapper Lil Peep, the two quickly collaborated on the song "White Tee" from his Crybaby mixtape which gathered attention through the hip-hop underground. He also released a single "Overdose" which sprouted his career even bigger.

In mid-2016, Butler changed his stage name from Yung Bruh to Lil Tracy and released his long awaited mixtape Tracy's Manga on February 1, 2017. Butler went on to release XOXO two months later on April 3. Butler featured on the single "Awful Things" from Lil Peep's Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 1 in August 2017. The single peaked at number 79 on the Billboard Hot 100.