Y'all Wanna See Something NASTY . . . Tiffany 'NEW YORK' Pollard Admits To Sleeping With FLAVOR FLAV . . . And She Says She ENJOYED IT!! (YUCK)

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Tiffany "New York" Pollard interviewed TV personality Charlamagne The God for her new VH1 show. But during the interview, Charlamagne ended up interviewing her - and getting her to spill some of her own tea.

According to New York - Flav was well-endowed - and very good in the bedroom.

Hard to believe it, but New York was on Flav of Love more than 10 years ago - back in 2006. Remember how Pumkin spit on her, and she vowed to whip her a&& - wich she tried to do at the season one reunion? That was some good TV.