Y'all Wanna See Something NASTY . . . Tiffany 'NEW YORK' Pollard Admits To Sleeping With FLAVOR FLAV . . . And She Says She ENJOYED IT!! (YUCK)


Tiffany "New York" Pollard interviewed TV personality Charlamagne The God for her new VH1 show. But during the interview, Charlamagne ended up interviewing her - and getting her to spill some of her own tea.

According to New York - Flav was well-endowed - and very good in the bedroom.

Hard to believe it, but New York was on Flav of Love more than 10 years ago - back in 2006. Remember how Pumkin spit on her, and she vowed to whip her a&& - wich she tried to do at the season one reunion? That was some good TV.