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VIDEO: Popular 21-Year-Old Detroit Rapper EXPLAINS How He Has 7 KIDS . . . From 6 DIFFERENT BABYS MOTHERS!!! (He Sounds IGNORANT)

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Detroit rapper Snapp Dogg explains how he has seven children by six women - he had his first child when he was just 17 years old. Here are some more jewels that Snap Dogg said in the interview:

-Interviewer asks why he has so many kids. He says that's a question he "needs to ask God."

-"Everything happens for a reason."

-"My kids' taken care of."

-People tell him he must be following in his father's footsteps because his dad has 13 children.

-"Everything he does is for his children."

-Says he doesn't want any more kids.

It looks like he's got his eighth baby. Here's what he posted online:

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