21 Savage has released the artwork for his forthcoming album, I Am > I Was.

The "Bank Account" rapper has not released a tracklist yet for the album but fans will be hyped for the solo release since his debut album, 'Issa' which dropped in July 2017.

During an interview with XXL earlier this summer, he spoke a little about what fans can expect from his release.

"I’m going back gangsta. I’m going back to what brought me in the door… I wanna get back on some gangsta sh*t 'cause I feel like everybody rap about money and cars all day," he told them. "Like they say I rap about too much guns and sh*t, but that's what the hell be going on. That's what really be going on, like, in real life."

He continued: "Everybody don’t have a Bentley in real life. It’s a lot of people that got guns that ain’t got sh*t. So, I be trying to go back more. I’m tryin’ to go back more to that side on the next album and not promoting it, but just, voicing it. Like being they voice ’cause the rest of America don’t hear them type [of ] people. It’s very few people who can speak for them. So, that’s what I wanna go back to.” 

Are you excited for the new album?