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21 Savage is not a fan of Layzie Bone's diss track aimed at the Migos. On Christmas Day, Layzie Bone dropped the diss track in which he raps:

"You n*ggas as fly as flamingo/ But never fly as far wings go/ That's why y’all can't Takeoff (Take off)/ They say Quavo is your boss (Your boss)/ Offset, you just look lost (Look lost)/ Get out the way and let me go (Yeah, let me go Migo)/ Gimme that bike I'm Deebo, b*tch/ I ain't gonna tolerate zero sh*t/ Gimme that mic I repo sh*t"

21 Savage took to Instagram live to trash the diss:

“That shit was wack as a muthaf*cka. That’s probably the weakest diss song I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Like, what the f*ck bro? Who the hell let that man put that sh*t out? That n*ggas homeboys ain’t sh*t ’cause my homeboys would’ve never let me put that out.

“That woulda been like, ‘Hell no that sh*t wack right here my man. This sh*t wack as a muthaf*cka. That sh*t so weak, it’s like bro, what the f*ck were you thinkin’ dog? What were you thinkin’ when you hit upload on that bullsh*t?” 

Layzie Bone has responded to 21. See his response below.