21 Savage sat down for an interview where he opened up about his time in ICE custody.

Last year, the news that Savage was in fact born in the U.K. and was living in the United States illegally rocked the music industry and sparked a plethora of meme, but for 21, his incarceration was no laughing matter.

"I didn't see my kids for almost two weeks," 21 told Paper Magazine. "There are people in detention centers just sitting for months and even years not being able to see their families. Then some of those people just end up being sent off overnight to a place they ain't never really lived and they don't ever see their family after that."

21 was granted an H-4 visa back in 2005 but according to ICE, it expired just a year later. The rapper has been trying to secure a U visa since before his arrest, but his future in the US remains uncertain.