BREAKING NEWS: Rapper DAVE EAST And His BABYS MOM Are FIGHTING On Social Media . . . And It's Getting REAL NASTY!!! (He's Calling Her . . . A DEADBEAT MOM)


It all started when Dave East posted this cute pic of him and his daughter:

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His baby's mom replied:

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This is his babys mother:

And here is her official response:

Yes my name is Milagrito Colon, tatted really big on his arm.

It's a shame that our business is being exposed to social media it's a shame how this is the only way to get a quick response when I couldn't even get in contact with Dave for a conversation.

I am very grateful for all Dave has done for me my son & our beautiful baby over the year... but let's get this whole shit straight, before Dave had money he was broke I was working I had my own he lived with me I took care of all the bills with no problem, I didn't even expect anything from him but love.

it amazes me how you can be very forgetful to people who truly loves you and hold you down for who you are, not who you just become.

I've never met a man who brags about buying his child diapers and food, why do you need credit for responsibility. I was on maternity leave that's the least you can do as a father.

I don't believe in holding a child against their parents. Dave is painting a picture as if we was never together - we all live together, we was a family - for years Kairi lived with us since she was born.

I recently moved out because of problems in hoping we could've worked out our differences from a distance it backfired & now it's getting really nasty... Dave you do not have custody of Kairi.

We shared her every few days. Once you found out my son was wit his dad u felt some way and I have all text messages to prove it so please let's not do this for social media.

You and your mother are harboring Kairi from me and the police said if theirs no harm to the baby they don't have a court order yet to go into the house. So don't thank the NJ police and act like they took ur side u foolish man.

U should never keep a lil girl from her mother and I will never keep her from her father... for the ppl who support that, may god be with u. I was raised better.