SHOCK REPORT: Radicalized London Terrorist Attack Suspect . . . Had A 'THING' For WHITE WOMEN . . . Would 'ONLY' Date CAUCASIAN WOMEN!! (PICS Of His BLONDES)


New reports are coming out about the man accused of carrying out the HORRIBLE terrorist attack in London this week. According to reports, the man - Khalid Masood - had what is being described as a "fetish" for White women.

Two news reports claim that he "exclusively" dated only Caucasian women. And he even married a blonde.

Here is how the Daily Mail described how he met his baby's mother:

In 1991 he met his long-term partner Jane Harvey, 48, a successful businesswoman. He then moved into her £700,000 home in the well-to-do village of Northiam, near Rye in East Sussex.

The couple went on to have two daughters and Masood worked as a manager in Miss Harvey's business, Aaron Chemicals.

A friend, who did not want to be named, said Masood had been a "charming" young man at the time when he met Miss Harvey.

Of Miss Harvey, known to her friends as Jay, she said: "Jay's a very efficient, business type person. She's always provided for her children."

But when their oldest daughter was eight, Masood was jailed for two years after slashing a man's face with a knife in a violent confrontation outside a local pub. He tried to blame racism for the appalling violence, which left his victim Piers Mott needing 20 stitches to a gaping wound in his cheek.

Masood told Hove Crown Court he snapped because of racism in the village and claimed he had been ostracized because villagers had a 'view of black people'.

Neighbors said he was radicalized during that two-year jail sentence, and abandoned his old life after his release from prison, including Miss Harvey and their two young daughters. One villager said: "When he got out of prison he decided he wanted to live an Islamic life and didn't want anything to do with his past life at all.

"He left Jay and the girls and went to live in some dump in Eastbourne, and I think he met someone else. He never came back after that and Jay was left to bring up the two girls on her own."