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2017 BLOCKBUSTER TEA . . . Popular VH1 Reality Star/Entertainment Personality . . . Has Been Diagnosed With HIV!!!!

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VHIV just got some EXPLOOOOO-O-O-SIVE TEA for y'all - it's about a FORMER VH1 reality star. Note, we said FORMER so we're NOT talking about ANYONE associated with the Love And Hip Hop franchises (that means we're NOT talking about Stevie J., Peter Gunz, etc). just got word that popular entertainment personalty who had a VH1 show years ago has been diagnosed with HIV.

The celeb, who was FRONT AND CENTER in one of VH1's most popular series ever, was in negotiations to relaunch a new DATING SHOW when the producers had to CANCEL EVERYTHING.

You see, they made him get an HIV test - for insurance purposes - and he came back POSITIVE. And it was at a fairly ADVANCED STAGE of the disease too.

We're told that the news of the celeb's HIV status is known by literally DOZENS of folks at the network - and we should expect other publications to pick up the story THIS WEEK.