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2000s Rapper Ja Rule ALLEGEDLY On Steroids . . . Look HOW BIG He's Gotten!!


Ja Rule performed yesterday at the 7th Annual Bushwick Collective Block Party in Brooklyn, New York. His set lasted a little less than an hour - and had the entire crowd buzzing.

And the ladies liked his performance too. Especially when Ja took off his shirt and showed off his muscles.

The 2000s rapper was always in good shape. But now his body looks a little TOO perfect.

There are now rumors circulating that Ja may have been on some type of steroids or other performance enhancing drugs.


Ja recently took shots at 50 Cent amid the Drake/Pusha-T drama. You definitely remember the beef between Ja and 50, where 50 basically came out victorious. 

Ja stepped into messy mode and said:

"Drake, Push ima let y'all finish but 'Loose Change' was one of the most disrespectful diss records of ALL TIME," Ja Rule tweeted, reigniting the conflict.

"This is what you get for going to anything with this bum involved," 50 tweeted in response, attaching a picture of the infamously cancelled Fyre Festival in the Bahamas, which Ja Rule co-organized.

The G-Unit rapper also screenshotted Ja's tweet and posted it on Instagram with the caption, "Yo look at this, this nigga still think he in lt. look at me fool, I’m the reason you driving a Uber you bum ass nigga. LMAO😡get the strap."

A few hours later, Ja Rule shot off a series of tweets defending "Loose Change" and explaining why it was so dope, namely the fact that he dissed Dr. Dre and Eminem in addition to 50 Cent, subjecting himself to beef with Aftermath's entire roster.

"My battle was like Lebron vs golden state niggas was teaming up to take me on lmao," Ja tweeted. "I don’t think there’s EVER been a rap beef when 4 of the top rappers go at 1 guy... 50, Em, Busta, Dmx!!! Lmao the more I think about it."