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Pop super star Rihanna has gotten thick - 200 lbs thick according to the UK's Sun magazine.

The Sun asked a body mass expert to determine the 5'8 beauty's weight - and the expert used scientific measuring to determine that Rihanna weighted 201 pounds.

Most of Rihanna's fans love her new THICK look. But lately Rihanna has been less willing to show off her new curves.

Yesterday she was spotted out in New York, and she was fully clothed, wearing a baggy denim outfit.

Rihanna looked gorgeous as usual, but many of her fans wanted the Bajan bombshell to show off her shape.

Rihanna has been blowing up recently career-wise. Her Fenty Beauty product line has morphed into a beauty and fashion empire. Forbes magazine now has Rih-Rih worth an estimated $280M.

With all that extra cash, it's clear that Rihanna's is eating well.


On Wednesday, Page Six reported:

“According to a trademark listed under “Fenty Skin” on the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website and filed on March 25, 2019, Rihanna, 31, is working on a new suite of skincare products to add to her cosmetics empire.”

In September 2017, rumors swirled about a possible skincare line after a fan tweeted about finding a “House of Fenty” trademark registered for “cosmetics … namely, creams, lotions, gels, toners and cleansers”. That was likely in preparation of Fenty’s Body Lava launch.