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A 20 year old woman named Tynesha Hammond was shot and killed last night in Macon Georgia, and her murder was caught on Facebook Live.

MTO News obtained video from Tynesha's Livestream, which shows her last moments on earth. The 20 year old was leaving a Christmas party with four friends and Tynesha was driving, when things went terribly wrong.

In the video, you see Tynesha and her friends holding guns and bragging about being "shooters." 

It's not clear whether the young people were "joking", or whether they really were gangsters. Keep in mind that in Georgia it is perfectly legal, and culturally acceptable, to carry around pistols for protection.

This is Macon's 40th homicide of the year.

Clay Williams with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office reports that Hammond was driving when she was shot.

There were four other people in the car but none of them were injured.

Williams says Hammond was pronounced dead at the scene.

But unfortunately, Tynesha's friends weren't able to stop her death.

Shortly after Tynesha's friends are seen brandishing their guns, Tynesha's car gets showered with bullets. 

While the video doesn't show what happened, MTO News learned that Tynesha was hit multiple times and died on the scene. The four passengers all escaped without injury.

Here is the video, warning it is graphic:


Here is a Facebook post about the incident: