2 Yr Old Boy KILLED . . . In 'FREAK' Bouncy House Accident!!!

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A 2-year-old Nebraska boy was killed and his sister was injured - in what is being described as a "freak bouncy house accident." A wind gust ripped the giant inflatable bouncy house from its moorings and tossed it 30 feet into the air. Two children where inside the house when it flew off the ground. 

The incident occurred at JK's Pumpkin Patch in Lincoln Nebraska.

Little Caleb, got trapped in the bounce house pad as it folded in half and carried him for more than 100 feet, Raymond Fire Safety Officer Nick Monnier told the Lincoln Journal Star.

Police say that 2 year old Caleb Acuna suffered severe head trauma in his ordeal Wednesday evening. Caleb was taken off life support Thursday afternoon.

His 5-year-old sister, Arra, suffered a broken arm.

The Lancaster County Board of Commissions in August approved an amusement license for the pumpkin patch, according to the Journal Star.

Owners of the pumpkin patch haven't responded to a phone message from The Associated Press. According to the company's voicemail, the pumpkin patch had been closed the previous weekend because of concerns about the weather.

Josh Kadavy who owns the pumpkin patch, which had just added the bounce pad this year, posted a statement on Facebook.

“We have been advised by our attorney not to take any questions. Our thoughts, prayers & deepest condolences & sympathies are with the family at this time. It’s been an extremely emotional situation for me and my family as well as the family of the little boy. We are continuing to lift the family up in prayer. Our love and continued prayers, JKs Pumpkin Patch Family.”