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Rappers 2 Chainz, Offset, and YG are being sued for their 2018 song, "Proud" after a rapper accused them of stealing his song from 2015, which actually shares the same title.

Solomon Clanton, who goes by the rap moniker Slugga, said that the three stars lifted elements from his work, including lyrics, the theme, and the hook, according to TMZ.

Slugga pointed out several similarities between the tracks, including the fact that each track begins with a monologue intro and have the hook, 'I'm just tryin' to make my mama proud.' He also points out a call-and-response interaction, and two beats per measure for the same 2/4 time signature, according to the outlet.

The track is taken from his EP album The Play Don't Care Who Makes It, which dropped in February of 2018. 

Slugga is asking the judge for the profits from the Def Jam song, as well as an order from a judge prohibiting 2 Chainz's "Proud" from getting spins on the radio.