Do you Remember Ananda Lewis - the 1990s lovable diva who worked as a talk show host. 

We were first introduced to Ananda, as the host of BET's “Teen Summit.” Then she grew her brand as the host of MTV’s “TRL” video show. 

Eventually Ananda got her own syndicated daytime talk show, “The Ananda Lewis Show.” 

Then Ananda disappeared. Without explaining to anyone, the beautiful and talented talk show host fell into obscurity - and hadn't been seen, or heard from for many years. 

Well MTO News has tracked her down - and she's now working in construction.

Ananda, now 46, is currently working as a carpenter. She also started her own renovation company and she is extremely happy with her career and isn't worried about leaving fame and fortune behind.

Ananda said in a recent interview:

“For me, this is the only work I’ll ever do in my life,” said Ananda. My grandmother was the first person to put a drill in my hand. It was because she said, ‘When you broke something in the house, then you fix it.’ There wasn’t some man fixing stuff, it was my mom and grandmother. When I saw things fixed, I saw things fixed by women, and that was the norm. These women of that generation were badasses, and that’s who raised me.

Here's a video of her in action: