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1990s R&B singer Jon be is getting dragged all over Twitter today, after a video leaked where Jon B admits to ogling over a 16 year old Beyonce - when he was a grown man.

And he may have been suggesting some even more sinister behavior in the video as well.

In the video - which has since gone viral on Twitter - Jon B talks about going on tour with Destiny's Child back in the 1990s. Jon claims that at the time he was a "grown man" and Beyonce was just 16 years old.

Jon B is currently 45 years old, and Beyonce is 38 - a 7 year difference.

If you relate that back to the 1990s, the 16 year old Beyonce was being ogled to by a 23 year old Jon B.

Jon B explained, "I was looking at a little 16 or 17 year old Beyonce just like OOOOH." He then adds, "I'm sorry. I was a grown man at the time and it's kind of wrong. But you already know."

It's not entirely clear what Jon B was saying that the audience should "already know."

As you can imagine, Twitter is extremely upset with Jon B - and is talking about "canceling" the singer.