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1990s reggae sensation Super Cat - also known as The original Don Dadda - is threatening to put hands on reggae artist Shaggy.

Super Cat performed at a concert in Brooklyn last night, and he appeared to have drank a little too much rum and Red Bull.

The 1990s dancehall legend launched into an expletive-laden tirade where he cursed and hurled obscenities at Shaggy, and then made some comments about the president of the United States.

Super Cat, who coined the word “Boops” which became embedded in the Jamaican lexicon, had some choice words for Mr. Bombastic Shaggy:

Hey big p$#@y bwoy Shaggy.

How come you a talk bout you a reggae embassy? Hey wi no need no Ambassador, yow p$#@y.

Watch yah, dis bwoy yah, bloodc#@$t Shaggy, mi wi lick yo inn yo bloodc$#@t ears drum in front a di United States flag…

Reggae no need no bloodc$#@t ambassador

Here it is:

Super Cat (born William Anthony Maragh in Kingston, Jamaica, 25 June 1963) is a deejay who achieved widespread popularity during the late 1980s and early 1990s dancehall movement. His nickname, "Wild Apache", was given to him by his mentor Early B. He is the elder brother of reggae artist Junior Cat and is considered one of the greatest deejays within the Jamaican dance-hall scene to date.