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1990s R&B Legend Publicly Thanks His Wife . . . For Staying With Him . . . Through CHEATING And SIDE BABIES!!!

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Q F on the group 112 gave his wife a very public 'thank you' on their anniversary. And given what he put her through, she deserves it.

Here is how it is being reported elsewhere:

The R&B crooner has been secretly fighting a battle that involves an alleged 11-year-old love child, Josiah Barnett. The child’s mother, Leah Steele Barnett, was receiving child support payments for years from Q after she threatened to spill the tea to his, who apparently has been unaware of the child. Well, the cat is out of the bag as of about a month ago, and he’s supposed to be taking a paternity test.

Amid all of that drama, Q and Sharlinda are still going strong. The couple celebrated their 15th anniversary during their 3rd annual “A Night With My Lady” fundraising event in Atlanta last night.