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1990s Rapper SPLIFF STAR Had A Heart Attack . . . Recovering From Open Heart Surgery!!


MTO News learned that last week 1990s legendary hype man/rapper Spliff Star, real name William A. Lewis, suffered a massive heart attack. He's lucky to be alive today.

For the past few days, Busta has been on Instagram, pouring his heart out for his long time side-kick and best friend Spliff Star.

Well yesterday Busta gave us an update on his friend's condition. Busta confirmed that, Spliff Star underwent an emergency heart surgery. MTO News can confirm that it was successful, and Spliff Star is recovering.

Busta posted a screen shot of him face timing Spliff who was wearing a hospital robe and had tubes in his nose. Check the post below from Busta.

Complex wrote back in 2014 that Spliff Star was the number four best hip hop sidekick of all time...They said:

Next to Flava Flav there is no better hypeman than Spliff Star. Busta's best friend brought an energy that even the rapper couldn't top. Aside from Spliff's supporting role on stage, his best work was as Busta's co-star in game-changing videos. Would a joint like “Dangerous” even be viewed as a cinematic classic if it weren't for Spliff's brilliant portrayal as the villain? And he showed his worth back in 2008 when he was arrested for doing what weed carriers do: He got bagged in Sweden when police found an uncontrolled substance in his hotel room after a Busta show. The two remain friends which goes to show that a true sidekick never gets envious and always plays his role. Salute.