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A very disturbing rumor has been making its way across the internet, surrounding the popular 1990s R&B singer Avant.

The rumor popped off yesterday when a "news article" began circulating on Facebook. The article reported in part that R&B singer Avant is near death. Here's some of what it said:

Avant’s public relations representative did release a statement on his behalf concerning the condition of Avant’s health

I would like to thank all my fans for their tremendous support. I have lived my life to the fullest and I have given my life to God and I do not fear what’s in store for me. My doctors have given me about six months to live and during this time, I plan on making my transition as smooth as possible while spending time with family and friends. I’ve made my time here on the Earth a good one and I hope that my music continues to live on. One love.

The news report is completely inaccurate, MTO News has learned.

We reached out to Avant's close family and friends and they told us that Myron Aaron Avant (his gov't name) is as healthy as ever. In fact, he recently started a vegan diet and its made him stronger and leaner.

What makes the rumor so terrible is that Avant suffers from Lupus - a chronic illness. And starting a "death" rumor about a person with a chronic illness is very low down.

Here's a recent pic of the 41 year old singer:

Here's video of him, after his recent weight loss: