1990s MOBB Deep Rapper Havoc Tells 'WILD TOUR STORY' . . . People Are Saying It Was Possible GANG RAPE!!

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1990s hip hop legend Havoc from the group Mobb Deep gave a recent interview when he described a crazy tale from his touring days.

Havoc who is now 43 years old told a story about how he met a Latina woman - and brought her to a trap house with 20 of his friends, liquor and cocaine.

According to Havoc - his friends then took turns with the woman, and it got "messy."

The details of the story are very graphic. And some people on social media are suggesting that the "crazy" story that Havoc told - is actually a gang rape.


In more recent news TMZ reported, "that the management company, who represented Mobb Deep from 2010 until Prodigy’s passing, filed a lawsuit against Mobb Deep for allegedly not reimbursing them for advances they claim to have provided and services, claiming that they “booked touring, recording and endorsement deals” for them. In total, Buck 50 is asking the group to fork over $500,000 to recoup what the company reportedly spent."

According to Vibe, "Following this, Havoc took to TMZ to respond to the newly surfaced lawsuit calling it a “money grab” and accusing Buck 50 of distastefully attempting to financially rob Prodigy’s family, calling him a “sicko.”