The beautiful 1990s actress, Maia Campbell, has reportedly struggled with drug addiction for many years. Now it appears that she's hit rock bottom.

An Atlanta woman claims to have seen the beautiful child actress - who stared on the hit sitcom "In the House" alongside LL Cool J for five season - allegedly working as a prostitute, outside a Texaco gas station near Atlanta. 

According to the woman, she has seen Maia at the gas station on several occasions. The woman,an told her Facebook followers, "she is visibly strung out on drugs and openly pimping herself out for money and drugs."

It's currently unknown when Maia first began using drugs, but she reportedly turned to various substances to self medicate, as she also struggled with mental health issues for years.

The Atlanta woman who saw Maia posted about her the other day on Facebook. She wrote:

Although [Maia] is visibly strung out on drugs and openly pimping herself out for money and drugs, she always seemed so out of place to me.

In person she still has remnants of her old self, and she definitely has a glow of beauty that stands out amongst the rest of the usual crackheads and prostitutes that frequent the store daily.

The woman claims to have had many conversations with Maia, and in their last meeting the woman told this to Maia:

I told her that I would never give her any of my money 🙅🏿‍♀️to support her habit, but I would start bringing her food and some of my old clothes so she wouldn't be down completely bad out there in these streets.

I also told her that if she ever felt like she was in danger and needed a place to lay her head from time to time to protect herself from the harsh weather she could contact me. The look in her eyes was priceless.

The deadness in her eyes lit up briefly and she kissed me on my forehead and said God bless you my beautiful queen as she stored my number in her phone.❤

I'm not sure what God has in store for any of us, but I want to request for all of my social media friends to pray for Ms. Maia Campbell. 


In addition to her life as a successful actress, Maia also married Elias Gutierrez in 1998. In 2000, the couple had a daughter, Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez. As a result of Maia's reported drug use, and failure to treat her mental health issues, the couple split in 2002. 

In 2002 Maia lost both her husband and child after the couple's split, as Gutierrez was awarded sole custody of their daughter. In 2006 Maia also lost her mother, Bebe Moore Campbell, to brain cancer.