STAN-WARS: Rihanna Fans DESTROY Beyonce Mural . . . And Now The BEY HIVE . . . Is Asking Rihanna To DENOUNCE THE VANDALISM!!! (PICS)


A Beyonce mural in Melbourne has been DEFACED - by angry Rihanna fans. According to local reports Rihanna fans were upset that Beyonce was given a mural and Rihanna wasn't - so they defaced it.

Look at what they did:

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Some beh hive members on Twitter tweeted Rihanna, and asked her to "denounce" her fans' alleged vandalism.

If you don't know what a "stan" is, we're here to school you, with the definition from

"A stan is an overzealous and overly devoted fan of a particular celebrity. The word “stan” is derived from the Eminem song of the same name.

A hater is like a stan, but a hater is overly devoted to being excessively negative and degrading to a particular celebrity."