18 Yr Old Girl BEAT FATHER TO DEATH . . . With A Hammer . . . Because He Called Her 'FAT'!!

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An 18-year-old woman from Indiana woman is accused of beating her father to death, after he called her "fat." Ameera Corena Stokes, of Muncie, Indiana, was arrested on Mother’s Day. Police say that she confessing to beating and stabbing her father to death.

Authorities discovered Stokes’ body in the stairway at his home in Mt. Morris Township, about 80 miles from Detroit. Stokes allegedly had been hit in the head with a hammer and stabbed in the chest.

“It just appears as though they had a disagreement about some life issues and that basically is what ignited the situation,” Mt. Morris Township Chief Terence Green told MLive.com.

The teenager’s mother, Gretchen L. Brasher, told WJRT her daughter had a tense relationship with her father. Brasher said Stokes father “would tease her about being fat.”

According to Mt. Morris Township police, Ameera called 911 early Sunday morning, and told police that she killed her father. When police arrived on the scene, they found Ameera's dad, Donald Stokes dead. He appeared to have suffered blunt force trauma from a hammer to the head and a multiple stab wounds, said police.


Ameera has had a history of violence. When she was 13, she stabbed one of her friends at an after school program. The teen Ameera spent years in a rehabilitation program, where she was released in February 2017.

Upon release, Ameera and her sister were sent to live with their father when their mother could not financially support them. "He was very verbally abusive. She had a belly, so he would tease her about being fat," the mom told ABC12. "He would like let her have an apple for dessert, while everybody else was having something better."

Ameera Stokes was charged with first-degree murder.