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18 Yr Girl Given Asylum From Saudi Arabia Now Covered In Tats; Pregnant By Rapper!!


A year and a half ago, an 18-year-old girl named Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun was granted asylum in Canada. She claimed that her parents were too strict, and they issued death threats against her.

Rahaf's story made international news, as she first fled to Thailand, and then eventually Canada - where she was officially granted asylum. 

MTO News has done some follow up, to find out how Rahaaf is doing in her new life.

And surprisingly, Rahaf and is very different from how she appeared just one year ago. The pretty teen is now covered in tattoos and recently gave birth to a baby by a man who is described as a Canadian rapper.

Here are pics of Rahaf when she first arrived in Canada:


And now:


And Rahaf's life choices are causing outrage within her community in Saudi Arabia. Many of her critics believe that she lacks modesty and has brought shame to herself and her family. 

The above images are circulating all over social media in the Arab nation, with many calling for the teen girl to be "put to death."