SHOCK VIDEO: Indian Land Owner BRUTALLY BEATS A Member Of The 'LOWER CLASS' . . . Just Because . . . He Accidentally Stepped On His LAND!!!


If you think race relations are BAD here in the United States, you should see what happens in India. In India there is an official CASTE system - where lighter skinned Indians are given privileges over darker-skinned Indians.

But it's worse than that. Check out this video circulating online:

This incident took place in Bikaner district of Rajasthan in northwestern India. A Dalit man was beaten and humiliated on camera because he accidentally stepped in the fields of an ‘upper caste’ person. Though another source says that he was a thief caught red-handed.

Dalits are the lowest in the caste hierarchy and are often considered "outcasts." It is speculated that the men seen beating the Dalit belong to the Godara clan of the landowning, pastoralist Jat caste.

We could not make out the local dialect/language they were speaking, but “madarchod” is heard, which means “motherfucker."