1990s R&B SHOCKER: Bobby Brown Was TOO HIGH . . . And So Ralph Tresvant Was The Person . . . That Actually Sang 'EVERY LITTLE STEP'!!


We all know, especially after watching the BET New Edition special, that Ralph Tresvant and Bobby Brown were really good friends.

Well according to Bobby's then-manager, Steven Machat, Ralph did the ultimate Friend move - he stepped in and sang for Bobby on one of his biggest hits.

Bobby's manager claims that Bobby got so HIGH ON DRUGS, during the recording of Every Little Step he couldn't sing - and that his homie Ralph stepped in and sang for him.

Here are Steven's exact words, via DazedDigital:

“We did not have a full album because Bobby was not capable of finishing more songs. The beginning and last tracks of the album I did with MCA A&R Louis Silas so the album would be filled with numbers. The song 'Don’t Be Cruel' is on there three times! Silas begged Babyface and L.A Reid to produce it – Bobby did not show up at the studio. He only came by sometimes to try to sing. And that was an endless wait. Drugs were part of the make-up of this album. Bobby was missing from the studio when we were scheduled to finish 'Every Little Step'.

He was on a drug run and New Edition’s Ralph Tresvant was waiting for him. Babyface and L.A were about to leave, so Ralph filled in.

‘Every Little Step’ has two singers. Bobby and Ralph. Go back and listen to the lead vocals. Then listen to Ralph.”

Here is the song, listen to it - it does kinda sound like Ralph in some parts. HOLY SH*T!!