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Chicago Producer Goes On Instagram . . . And BRAGS About Snitching On Rapper CHIEF KEEF . . . Who Faces 20 Years IN PRISON!!!

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Ladies and gentleman, we may be entering into a new era - where SNITCHING is not only accepted, but it's CELEBRATED. EXCLUSIVELY told you that Chicago producer Ramsay The Great got into some type of ALTERCATION with rapper Chief Keef.

Ramsay claims that Keef committed a HOME INVASION in his home, put an AK-47 to his head, and stole his jewelry. What Ramsay did next SURPRISED many in the world of hip hop.

Ramsey called the police and SNITCHED on rapper Cheif Keef.

Los Angeles police picked up Keef yesterday and charged him with assault, home invasion and armed robbery. He faces 20 years in prison in convicted.

And it looks likely that he'll get convicted - cause Ramsay is PROUDLY snitching. Listen to what he had to say: