17 Year Old 'WHITE SUPREMACIST' Charged With Beating To Death . . . His Bi-racial Daughter!!!

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A 17 year-old Des Moines man who is being described as a "white supremacist" was charged with murder after his eight month old daughter died from traumatic injuries consistent with a brutal beating.

Jayden Straight turned himself into authorities on Sunday and is charged with Murder in the First Degree and Child Endangerment.

According to police, someone dropped Jayden's 8-month-old daughter, Raija Straight, at a local hospital on Friday. She had serious head injures, and died two days later

According to criminal complaints, doctors told the Des Moines police investigators that Raija Straight had injuries "from a deliberate assault and could not be explained as unintentional or accidental".

Such injuries included multiple skull fractures, a ruptured spleen, several broken ribs and massive retina hemorrhaging.

"They were injuries that were not accidental, nothing that an 8-month-old baby could generate on their own," said Des Moines Police Sergeant Paul Parizek.

But there's more. Multiple sources on social media claiming to be friends of the 17 year old accused MURDERER - are claiming that he's a White Supremacist. One person who attended high school with him described him as "using the n word frequently, and supporting Donald Trump." The poster also claimed that Jayden "Hated" Black people.

It's ODD that a White Supremacist would have a baby with a Black woman - but it's NOT unheard of. Slave masters frequently had babies, and sometimes fell in love with their Black female slaves.