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17 Year Old SASHA OBAMA Wears An 'INAPPROPRIATE' Bikini On Beach!! (PICS)


Sasha Obama was on the beach not too long ago, enjoying sun and fun in Mexico. And the paparazzi managed to snap some pics of the teenage Obama daughter in a bikini.

But the pics have been causing some controversy. You see, the bikini was very small - and it showed a lot more than we're sure Barack and Michelle wanted of their daughter.

MTO News censored the below images - because she's still a child.

The images made their rounds this past weekend, when Sasha celebrated her 17th birthday on June 10.


Back in May Sasha was spotted chillin' with Cardi B and Offset at a Washington, DC festival called Broccoli City Fest. 

According to an unauthorized profile from the website The List, "We first met Sasha Obama during her father's race for the White House. Once he won the election, then 7-year-old Sasha was instantly in public view. Over her father's two terms in office, the world saw her grow up from young girl to full-fledged teenager. You'd would think by the time her father left the White House eight years later, there wouldn't be much unknown about the teen. Not quite! Did you know that Sasha isn't even her real name?" Her real name is Natasha.