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17 Yr Old Leaks VIDEO In Bed With Tekashi 6IX9INE . . . Claims UNDERAGE S*X!! (VIOLATED His Probation)


Rapper Tekashi 6ixNine is in a world of trouble - after a 17 year old INSTA-THOT created a video saying that he two had UNDERAGE S*X a few months ago.

The teen claims the S*X ACT took place in California, where the legal age of consent in 18 years old. Tekashi is now 21 years old.

This is bad news for the rapper, who has a PROBATION HEARING next month.

Here is video proof of the girl and Tekashi

Tekashi, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, is currently on probation for creating an underage s*tape. As a condition of his probation, he promised not to engage in criminal activity.

The 17 year old girl makes another startling claim - that she and the GUMMO rapper have a underage s*xtape. And she threatened to leak the illegal tape on the below video. In the three part interview the girl - whose name is Martha - claims that Tekashi is a PEDOPHILE.

Here is the first part of the video

Here is the second part

Here's the third part

Here are pics of the girl