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Amber Rose Is Now UNDER FIRE . . . !!! She Allegedly LAUGHED At A Girl . . . For Being 'RAPED BY HER UNCLE'!!!! (That's Some HEARTLESS Ish)

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Last night Amber Rose and Chyna decided to hold a live stream call-in event, where fans could call in and talk to them about any ISSUES going on with their lives.

Well one woman called Amber - and got through - and started telling Amber how she was RAPED by a family member. What happened next - is crazy.

Here is how a FORMER Amber Rose supporter described things:

Amber Rose is doing a live stream right now asking for confessions. A girl started telling about her Uncle molested her and Amber Rose HUNG UP on her and said, "that's too deep."

Then, Amber Rose, Blac Chyna and all their friends laughed.

I thought you were and advocate for survivors @amberrose? How could you do that when the Amber Rose slut walk is for survivors of rape and molestation?? Oh that's right- MONEY.

She is fighting for HERSELF, her reputation and desperate need to not be vilified for being a stripper once upon a time. I will always stand with you, for you, and I will always believe you!! I was totally for the cause but @amberrose just revealed herself to be a scam.