Man Allegedly ROBS BANK . . . Then Posts Pic Of Himself FLASHING CASH . . . And Wearing THE SAME OUTFIT . . . On Instagram!! (Dummy)


Paul Lubin is accused of robbing a bank - and then doing the DUMBEST THING EVER - posting on Instagram wearing the same shirt as he allegedly wore when he robbed the bank.

And if police are telling the truth, then Paul is even DUMBER THAN THAT. On Instagram he also posed with a pile of cash that police say he STOLE FROM THE BANK. Paul has been charged with seven counts of robbery.

According to the NYPD, the 31 year old robbed six Chase bank branches in Queens and one in the Bronx over the last three months - netting approximately $25,000.

Police claim that after committing the robberies, Paul brazenly posed on Instagram and appeared to be wearing the same “distinctive white hooded sweatshirt with black horizontal lines” worn by the person who robbed $5,000 from a Chase bank on December 27, according to the criminal complaint.

Paul has a criminal history too. He served two years for a robbery with a deadly weapon.

Her is is Paul on Instagram showing off money:

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And here he is wearing the same sweater as the bank robber:


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