16 Yr Old Straight A Student KILLED IN SCHOOL . . . Murdered By Boyfriend's SIDE CHICK!!

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16 year old Danyna Gibson was stabbed in the chest and killed in school, she was a straight A student. The details surrounding her murder are as disturbing as her loss of life.

Police say that another high school girl, a 17-year-old honor student,  brought a steak knife into school and stabbed Danyna during a fight. According to social media reports, the killer was the "side chick" of Danyna's boyfriend.

Police said Danyna was stabbed twice in the chest and died at the hospital about an hour later.

The grisly attack took place at Fitzgerald High School in Warren, Mich. where police say the two girls had been friends and were both straight-A students. A 17-year-old suspect is in custody for the stabbings.

According to the Gibson's family, she was a member of the cross country team, robotics club, color guard, marching band and National Honor Guard Society, student council and generation of promise.

“She was running towards me, she was screaming, and all I saw was the girl catch her and stab her in her chest,” said Francesca Pascua another student at the school.

Francesca says she sits in front of Danyna during their economics class. She says Danyna tried to run away but ran into a group of students when the suspect caught up to her.

“All I just saw was her running trying to save herself, and that's when she stopped, and the girl grabbed her and stabbed her,” said Francesca.

Francesca says as Danyna collapsed to the floor, the teacher worked on getting the suspect out of the classroom.