16 Year Old SASHA OBAMA Shows Off Her New Hair . . . She's Gone BLUE!!! (Wow She Grew Up)

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Sasha Obama is growing up fast, It seems like just the other day, she was the CHILD inside the White House. Now the 16 year old, is a very pretty young lady.

Sasha Obama was spotted by the paparazzi partying with friends in the VIP section of a festival in Washington DC.

Photographs show 16 year old Sasha, enjoying some music with her squad of girlfriends at Broccoli City Fest. 

The 16 year old former First Daughter, hung out with her pals, then left to go backstage to hang out with rapper Cardi B and her boyfriend Offset. As you know this performance was a huge deal for Cardi because it was the last time she performed before she gives birth in the coming months.

It's clear she still has TOP CLASS perks of being American royalty. 

A report said that an onlooker by the name of Dee Dwyer, 31, who snapped photos of Sasha at around 3.30pm on Saturday, said "she looked like she had ‘no care in the world’. He continued: ‘She was partying and having the time of her life with her friends."

Sasha was wearing a really cute outfit. She had on a white crop top with jeans and gold earrings. And she had some BLUE highlights in her hair, that also looked cute.

It should be noted that the paparazzi followed Sasha like a HAWK - and she was not seen drinking any alcohol or doing any drugs or tobacco product.

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